martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

Secret: There never was anyone else. I only wanted you.

Maybe I shuldn't admit something like this, or maybe I should. Maybe I shouldn't say a word about this, or maybe I should, but I have now decided, I will. I will let you know just how special you have, are, and will be in my life, why? my heart is mute and won't tell me, but I know. There was a day, that day, you smiled at me, I can tell you that day your smile apeared everywhere, it was on my mind, like a memory, since the good moments, stay as memories, so ling it live in my head. I'd like to live that moment again, but not without first making clear that i love you like I have never loved anyone, I think I have said everything..
You're unique.

Thanks to Lily. I love you.

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