martes, 8 de noviembre de 2011

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

And today I remember the dreams I had, those strange dreams that no one could imagine I'd dream of. The mornings after the dreams were always strange, I remembered that person, that one I should never had thought of, but my head did.
Until oneday I read an article, 'a dream is a wish your heart makes' and I stoped to think about those dreams. I thought my heart was asking for something, I frowned as I read the sentence, but I read it agains and understood it wasn't bad, it was only a dream. I smiled faintly and you could tell my worries had dissapeared. I carried on thinking for a while, whilest I walked home and whispered: ''my heart desires it..''

Gracias a Lily por lo que ya sabe. I love you.

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